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Frequently Asked Questions

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What prerequisite classes are required to enroll?

The Department of Education determines required and recommended prerequisites each year. Various programs require prerequisites prior to enrolling, while others do not. School counselors will assist in identifying the prerequisite courses required to enroll in a West Central IN CTE program. Some programs require the first year program completion before the second year, although there are some program exceptions, such as – Health Science II: Nursing, Health Science II: Pharmacy, and EMS.

Why should students explore CTE programs?

The benefits of CTE programs vary for each student. The programs are available to all students and can expose them to students at other schools as well as a new set of instructors. CTE is a hands-on based learning where hard and soft skills are taken seriously. CTE program instructors are all experienced professionals that allow for your child to be mentored and coached by someone with direct, real-world experience in a specific field.

What additional costs are involved with joining CTE?

Each partner school pays the normal cost of the program for each student. Additional program costs for students include textbooks and fees that will be billed by your home school. Be sure to check with your school counselor about the stipulations your school places on paying for your CTE program.

How can I get more information about a program I am interested in?

Your school will host different informational meetings about CTE programs and Work-Based Learning opportunities. If you have specific questions, please reach out to your school counselor or email Sara Niodemus, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How long are CTE program classes?

Students are enrolled for CTE classes the entire school year. Classes are two hours and fifteen minutes every day at the program facility. Students are still required to attend scheduled classes at their home school and maybe required to complete additional hours of training hours based on state requirements.

How does transportation work to program at other schools?

West Central Indiana CTE partners with all four high schools to create a transportation plan for any student interested. It is required upon registration to either sign up for bus transportation and/or provide a waiver if a student would like to drive a personal car or be dropped off each day.

How can joining CTE help students get a part-time job?

CTE programs allow for students to network with their instructor, local community members, and industry professionals. West Central Indiana CTE also works with all students on career guidance, resume writing, interview coaching, and professional development.

Will CTE programs delay graduation?

No. All class schedules and coursework is still monitored by the school counselors while a student is participating in CTE. If a student is struggling in any way, each school will work out a plan with CTE Director to ensure the student is on the right track.

Do CTE programs look good on college applications?

Yes! College admissions officers are aware of the CTE programs around the state of Indiana. Highlighting your participation in the program will diversify your background. In addition, some courses have the ability to offer dual credit for college credits.

If I sign up for a CTE program, am I required to apply for jobs in that field?

Your participation in a CTE program is about exploration and education. By enrolling in a CTE program, you are gaining knowledge in a field and learning new skills. Instructors have insights and industry connections but you are not obligated to choose a career path in your CTE program area.